How do I get an extension?

All students can have up to four automatic extensions per academic year without providing any documentary evidence.  If you need more than four extensions, you must provide appropriate documentary evidence.

An extension will allow you up to an additional five working days (10 if you have a Learning Contract) to complete your assessment.
It is important that you familiarise yourself with all your deadline dates to be able to apply for an extension in a timely manner. Your Assessment Statement is published on My Student Record and shows the deadlines for all your assessments in the academic year.

We suggest contacting your Student Support Adviser to discuss whether an extension is right for you.
Please note that an extension can only be submitted against tasks and not sub-tasks. Contact your Module Leader if you have concerns about submitting a sub-task. Sub-tasks are highlighted in green on your Assessment Statement.

Procedure to request an Extension
If you wish to request an extension you should submit a request through your My Student Record account.  You must request an extension 24 hours before the submission deadline. Follow the instructions on screen to submit your request.

What happens next
We will email you within 48 hours to tell you the outcome of your extension.

What happens if I need more time than the extension already given or have already had 4 extensions
If you need more time than the extension already given or have exceeded the maximum number of extensions, you should submit a request for consideration of your Exceptional Circumstances.

Further guidance
More information about Extensions and Exceptional Circumstances can be found here.

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