How do I get an extension? 


All students can have up to four extensions on coursework submissions per academic year without providing any documentary evidence.  If you need more than four extensions, you should still follow this extension process, but you must also provide an explanation and appropriate documentary evidence.  


For more details on submitting evidence see the guidance document on Evidence to support an Extension or Exceptional Circumstances request.

An extension will allow you an additional five working days to complete your assessment (this could be up to 10 days if the request is related to the condition supported by your Learning Contract or you are a Student Carer, Elite Athlete or you have a Pregnancy and Maternity Student Support Plan). 

We suggest you contact Hallam Help to discuss whether an extension is right for you and in certain circumstances you may be referred to a Student Support Adviser. 



The difference between an Extension and Extenuating Circumstances Request 



An extension provides an additional 5 working days to submit an assessment beyond the original submission deadline.  

Exceptional circumstances 

Exceptional circumstances provide another chance to submit or attend an assessment in a later assessment period.  


What assessments are eligible for an extension? 


Each assessment task will have a set submission deadline. It is important that you familiarise yourself with all your deadline dates to be able to apply for an extension in a timely manner.  

Your assessment statement is published on My Student Record and shows the deadlines for all your assessments in the academic year 

There are certain types of assessment task where you are not able to apply for an extension, but where there may be alternative support methods available. These include: 



Examination dates cannot be changed. If you are incapable of attending an examination due to exceptional circumstances than you can request to attend in a later assessment period. In some situations, you can use the self-certification process to declare an illness. 


Presentation dates generally cannot be changed but you should check with the Module Leader first. If they cannot be changed and you are incapable of attending due to exceptional circumstances than you can request to attend in a later assessment period. In some situations, you can use the self-certification process to declare an illness. 

Group work 

Where a group of students require an extension in relation to a group work submission, this will need to be considered in liaison with the Module Leader. Whether this can be agreed is dependent on the type of assessment task (for example if it requires a physical presentation on a fixed date then it may not be possible to extend this). Deadlines will not be extended on the basis of an individual member of the group requiring an extension. You can however use the exceptional circumstances process to request to be assessed in a later assessment period. This will generally involve you doing an individual piece of work that tests the same learning outcomes.


Sub-tasks are highlighted in green on your assessment statement and are not eligible for extensions or exceptional circumstances requests. You should discuss any issues with meeting deadlines with the Module Leader. 


Procedure to request an Extension 


  • If you wish to request an extension you should submit a request through your My Student Record account. Click on the Extenuating Circumstances tab at the top of the screen then click on Extension Dashboard - submit or view requests. Under the option on the left which says Extension Requests Awaiting Submission click Begin New Request.


  • Extensions can be requested up to 10 working days prior to the deadline including the day of the assessment for coursework tasks. 


  • You should submit the request at least 24 hours before the deadline, to ensure that it is processed, and you are aware of the outcome before the assessment is due in 


  • You can submit up to the 3pm deadline but there is no guarantee that you will receive the outcome before the assessment is due in 


  • No extensions will be considered after the 3pm deadline 



What happens next 

We will email you within 48 hours to tell you the outcome of your extension. 


What happens if I need more time after receiving an extension? 

If you need more time than the extension allows, you should consider submitting an Exceptional Circumstances request.



Students with Learning Contracts, Elite Athletes, Student Carers and Pregnant Students 

If you fall into one of the above categories, you will need to follow the same initial process to request an Extension. If you feel that you still need more time after your initial extension, then you need to discuss your situation with a Student Support Adviser prior to your assessment deadline. It may not be necessary for you to request exceptional circumstances. 


Further guidance 


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