When you join Hallam, you will receive an enrolment invitation email two weeks before your course starts, with instructions on what to do.  If you haven’t received your invitation email yet, it may be too early for you to enrol. Our Nearly Time To Enrol page explains what to expect.


If you have received your invitation email letting you know it is time for you to enrol, but you have a query or would like support before you begin, the page has lots of useful information to help you get started. When you start your enrolment, you will see Help buttons on screen explaining some questions in more detail, and some sections will allow you to submit a query if you need help.


If you need any further help with enrolling, or re-enrolling, our enrolment team will be happy to help: 
Please email the team at: 


Phone: 0114 478 1478 - Phone lines are currently closed until August 2024.