At Sheffield Hallam University we recognise that the teaching and learning environment can unintentionally present a range of barriers to a diverse range of learners, which may result in some being disadvantaged. The extra pressure and anxiety of time constraints can disadvantage both disabled students and non-disabled students. Studies show that for disabled students, extra time in exams can make a significant difference to achieving a better mark (Runyan, 1991, Zuriff, 2000) whereas for non-disabled students, extra time makes little difference (Duncan & Purcell, 2019). To support as many students as possible to complete exams, all exams at SHU have 25% extra time built in. 

The Public Sector Equality Duty (2011) requires the university to be anticipatory and provide reasonable adjustments for disabled students. Extra time in exams is inclusive and supports all students (Bunbury, 2020), including those who have an undiagnosed disability or are unable to evidence one. We are committed to building an inclusive teaching and learning community, and the intention of this approach to inclusive assessment is to ensure as many students as possible can achieve their potential.  

Further support and adjustments 

Where students require additional adjustments to exams other than 25% extra time, these must be agreed in the learning contract in advance of the deadline set by the examinations team. Students should register with Disabled Student Support to ensure they get all the support they are entitled to. Students should visit The Student Examination Guidance webpages for further support.  


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