There are times when your module leader will request that you submit your work to Turnitin. This is a text-matching system that checks your work for referencing and plagiarism.

Uploading a file

Turnitin is integrated within Blackboard so you'll need to log into Blackboard to submit work.

In the module assessment area, find the Turnitin point. You can upload files via your computer or the cloud.

Once uploaded you will receive a message to confirm your submission. You can also download a receipt by selecting 'submission tools'.

Multiple submission attempts

You should be able to submit your work to Turnitin multiple times before the due date of your assignment. After the third time you submit, reports may take over 24 hours to generate.

If you find that you can only submit once, contact your module leader to check if this is correct.

Unable to upload

You may find that you're unable to upload a file. This could be because of your:

  • File type- Your tutor will have chosen the type of file they want you to submit. If you are receiving an error message, contact them to double-check the format type
  • Browser- Try another browser if you are struggling to upload your work
  • File size- There is a set limit size of 20mb. If your file is larger than this, try converting it to a PDF

Turnitin also provides guidance to help you upload files.

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