• Make sure you are using SHU devices or connected to SHU VPN.
  • Student VPN
  • Putty - SSH:
  • Putty can be launched from AppsAnywhere if you are using a SHU device or download and install a Windows SSH client. There are quite a few free ones out there but the most popular is PuTTY
  • Open PuTTY
  • Enter a hostname of:
  • Make sure port is set to 22 and connection type is set to SSH
  • Click Open
  • Click Yes if prompted to accept hostkey
  • Enter your SHU Username when prompted with "login as:"
  • Enter your SHU Password
  • You will now be connected to the homepages server with a SSH session
  • FileZilla - SFTP:
  • FileZilla client can be launched from AppsAnywhere if you are using a SHU device or own installation you can install it via FileZilla website.
  • Enter a hostname of:
  • Enter your SHU usercode for the Username
  • Enter your SHU password for the Password
  • Enter 22 for the port
  • Click QuickConnect
  • Once connected you will be in your home directory on This directory contains a public_html directory where any websites you develop should be located.


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