Disabled Student Support Team Overview
  • The Disabled Student Support Team are currently working from home. We are not delivering appointments on campus. 
  • The Disabled Student Support team is made up of Disability Advisers, Assistive Technology Advisers and Disability Administrators.
  • The Sheffield Regional Assessment Centre is also part of Disabled Student Support.
  • Disability advisers offer daily ‘quick query’ appointments – these are 15-minute appointments to answer questions about support. Student can book into these themselves via My Hallam. All students can book these, they do not need to be registered with DSS. All student enquiries should be booked into a quick query appointment.
  • Disability advisers also deliver hour long ‘guidance’ appointments for students who have registered and provided disability evidence for a learning contract. Students can only book these appointments if they have a published learning contract.
  • Assistive technology advisers deliver training sessions on the assistive technology available through AppsAnywhere. All students can book these sessions via UniHub.
  • The Sheffield Regional Assessment Centre undertake Disabled Students’ Allowances study needs assessments. Once students have applied for DSA and received their eligibility letter they can book their own study needs assessment using the online booking form
















How students contact Disabled Student Support
Question / Enquiry / Title 
  • A student enquires about disability support & what support is available while they are studying
  • A student would like a learning contract
  • A student would like to discuss Disabled Students’ Allowances or other support (but they don’t have support already)
  • A student would like to know what medical evidence they need to register with Disabled Student Support
  • A student would like to register with Disabled Student Support
  • Parents may also contact us to see what support is available
  • Students are often unsure of what support they could get or what support SHU offer disabled students. Disability advisers meet with students to discuss their situation on a case-by-case basis
Answer - written detail 
  • The first point of contact for all students with Disabled Student Support is a quick query appointment. This is the quickest way to get support.
  • If a student would like any general information about Disabled Student Support and accessing support (ie a learning contract) they should be booked into a Quick Query appointment.
  • Students can book these themselves via My Hallam or staff can book them
  • These are quick 15-minute appointments
Questions to ask the enquirer
  • Does the student already have a learning contract or Disabled Students’ Allowances? If yes, they should book into a Disability Adviser appointment (1 hour long apt) via My Hallam
  • If the student is an international student or studying an apprenticeship course then they should be referred to the Disabled Student Support team to arrange an hour long appointment (although they can book a Quick Query if they’re unsure of their situation)
Standard Response
  • If you have a disability, including a long-term medical condition, a specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia, or a mental health condition, you can access additional support for your academic studies whilst at University. This includes a university document called a Learning Contract and funding to cover extra study-related costs caused by your disability.
Book a ‘Disabled Student Support – Quick Query’ to speak with a disability adviser about your personal situation and find out what support is right for you.
Appointment Types (if applicable)
Disabled Student Support – Quick Query – a quick 15-minute appointment to discuss support with a disability adviser booked via My Hallam – student enquiries about how to set up support or asking what support is available should be booked into this appointment. Students can book themselves via My Hallam.
Disabled Student Support – Disability Adviser Appointment – Students who have a published learning contract can speak to a disability adviser about their support package.
Assistive Technology sessions – All students can book these through the Skills Centre web pages or through UniHub
Study needs assessments for students who have applied for Disabled Students’ Allowances – these appointments are available to all university students, not just those studying at SHU.
Additional Information
  • Response should be sent as an email and NOT a portal comment
  • We offer quick query appointments each day (Monday-Friday). Students should be able to speak to an adviser within 3 days of their enquiry.
  • These appointments are 15 minutes long so should only be used for first contact & explaining what the student needs to do next
  • Students are welcome to bring someone else along to these meetings

































How staff contact Disabled Student Support
Question / Enquiry / Title 
  • Staff may email or call asking to speak to someone in Disabled Student support.
  • These may be general enquiries, or asking for information about a student in particular
Answer - written detail 
Questions to ask the enquirer
Standard Response
  • We have passed your query to Disabled Student Support. Please allow 3 working days for a reply.
You can email the team directly on or by searching for ! Disability Support Team via outlook.
Additional Information
  • Cases can be assigned to ‘DSS General’ & emails can also be added to the ‘DSS General’ queue.