When applying for funding, we may ask you to provide bank statements so we can assess your financial situation. Uploading the correct statements, in the correct format and file type will help us to process your application in a timely manner.

We have produced this guide to help you.

When providing bank statements, please ensure:

  • They cover all transactions over the period we have asked for: This is normally the last 30 days, or the last 90 days in some circumstances. Check the guidance document and the information on the application form, this will tell you how many days we would like to see.
  • They are up to date: The statement(s) period must end, or the last transaction must have been made, within five days of submitting your application.
  • You provide statements from all your bank accounts including any joint accounts, savings accounts, PayPal accounts or similar: If we see that money is being transferred between different accounts in your name, we will ask you to supply statements from these accounts, if you have not done so already, and this is likely to cause a delay in your application being assessed.
  • The statements clearly show your name, sort code, account number and all transactions and balances.

Please do not supply screenshots from your phone, unless otherwise stated. Screenshots often do not show the information we need, and only show a small number of transactions at a time, meaning you will have to upload lots of separate documents.

When downloading banks statements, please save them as a PDF, this will normally be the default option. PDFs are the ideal file type for supplying your statements and are easy to upload to your application. You may be given the option to save your statements as a spreadsheet (as an Excel or CSV file), we are unable to accept spreadsheets as these can easily be changed after they have been downloaded.

When saving your bank statement files please name each file clearly before uploading it to your application. The file name should include the name of your bank and the dates that statement covers. For example: 'Lloyds 01.01.22 - 31.01.22.PDF'

Guidance on how to access, view and download your statements can be found by clicking on the name of your bank below.

Isle of Man Bank
Metro Bank

Royal Bank of Scotland
Starling Bank
Virgin Money
Yorkshire Bank

If your bank is not listed here, go to your bank's website and search for 'statements' - this will normally bring up an article on how to access and download them.

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