How does Covid-19 impact this process? Covid-19 has impacted the delivery of Open Days and other on campus events SROT are responsible for. More information can be found here

There is more information for applicants in the link below including, applying for courses, placements and accommodation. 
Background Student Recruitment Operations Team (SROT) deal with any pre-application queries from;

Prospective students,
Parents/Carers of prospective students,

The SROT or NOT document sent every few weeks along with our newsletter details the enquiries which SROT answers and those which need to be forwarded on elsewhere.

SROT develop and deliver the below:

Virtual and on-site Open Days;
Campus Tours;
Student-led and Academic Conversion Activity (Call Centres and Academic Toolkit);
SRA Student Ambassador Scheme;
Unibuddy platform (Live Chat); 
The University’s Clearing Operation;

SROT are distinct from Admissions, who deal with any query where an application’s already been received.
Answer / Process Students could contact Hallam Help to ask about:
If an enquirer contacts us by email:
  • Convert the email to a case in the CRM system, unless the email forms part of an existing case. If it’s part of an existing case, click on the case to find out what’s happened with the enquiry to date. This may help to answer the question of whether their application is already underway.
  • Send the enquirer an email (or a portal comment if they’re a currently enrolled student) acknowledging receipt of their enquiry.
  • Forward the enquiry to the relevant team in SROT or Admissions (depending on whether they’re at pre application stage, or they’ve already applied to us).
  • Resolve the case.

If an enquirer contacts us by phone:
  • Ask them whether they’re at pre-application stage, or they’ve already made an application? If they’re still at the pre-application stage they’ll need directing to a SROT enquiry channel (Live Chat (preference)/phone/email). If they’ve already applied to us, ask the enquirer for their SHU student number/look them up on the CRM system before handing off to Admissions (Home/International/Health/Teaching/Specialist Routes).

If an enquirer approaches a Help Point:
  • Ask the enquirer whether they’re at the pre-application stage, or they’ve already made an application? If they’ve already made an application, look them up on the CRM to gauge the status of their application before handing off to Admissions. If they haven’t applied yet, advise them to contact SROT by one of their enquiry channels (Live Chat (preference)/phone/email)
Questions to ask the enquirer (student in most cases)
  • Have you made an application to study with us, or are you still at the enquiry stage?
  • Are you enquiring for yourself or somebody else? If the enquirer is a representative from a school or college, the following information will be useful:  and they should contact the Student Recruitment Engagement Team on
  • If the enquirer is an international agent, refer them to
  • The following is useful information to direct parents and carers to: 
  • Be mindful of the information you disclose if the parent/other representative doesn’t have the applicant’s permission to discuss their application. Please DO NOT share any personal information regarding the applicant's details.
  • Is the enquirer applying via Clearing? Information on Clearing can be found on our website, including FAQs and How to Apply.
Standard Response (email)
Dear XXXX,

Thank you for contacting Hallam Help. I have forwarded your email to the Student Recruitment Operations Team for their attention.  

The team will endeavour to respond within 3 working days but please note, at certain points in the year, this may be longer.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Kind Regards, 

Hallam Help Team 
Student Help and Advice 
Sheffield Hallam University 
Additional Information SROT Contact Channels
Email inboxes – open day questions and bookings – (UK/Home only) pre-application, undergraduate and postgraduate queries. – (International only) pre-application undergraduate and postgraduate queries 

Telephone numbers   
 0114 225 5533
  • 0114 225 5533 Hunt Groups - open Monday - Thursdays (10am - 4pm) and Friday (10.30am-4pm)

Live Chat functions 
Student and Staff (Course Enquiries) Live Chat is staffed 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday but messages can be received at any time and is hosted on the Unibuddy platform. It’s accessible via the following link and is open to anyone over the age of 16. Users need to register with the service to start a Chat. 

Web Forms
 ‘Contact us’ forms that feed into the AES/Achiever enquiry management function are also available to fill in: 

Other relevant information
SROT’s email and Web Form response time varies depending on the time of year. Enquirers will find a quicker answer to their query via Live Chat.
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