How do I apply for the Student Success Scholarship?
Applications are made via the ‘scholarships' screen on My Student Record.

I cannot see the scholarships screen on My Student Record
There are two main reasons why you may not see the scholarships screen.

1. You may not be logged into My Student Record correctly. To fix this, you should logout of My Student Record. When logging back in you may be asked to select your course. You may find there are different options that look similar, log in and out selecting a different option each time until you see the scholarships screen.

2. You may not be eligible to apply, for more information visit why can't I see the link to apply?

I cannot see the link to apply on the scholarships screen and/or it says I am not eligible
My Student Record has been set-up to automatically check many of the eligibility criteria so that only students who are eligible to apply have access the application form. There are various reasons why you may not be eligible, for more information visit why can't I see the link to apply?

When can I apply?
There are normally several application windows throughout the academic year. Application dates are published in the guidance document and on the Student Success Scholarship page.

When will I receive a payment if my application is successful?
Expected payment dates are published in the guidance document and on the Student Success Scholarship page. If your application is successful, we will confirm the payment date in your award email. Please note that payments will be delayed if you do not provide your bank details when asked to do so or if the details you provide are incorrect.

I received the scholarship last year; do I have to apply again for this year?
Yes, you will need to re-apply each year.

It is my first year at Sheffield Hallam, but I started a degree at another university before coming here, can I still apply?
Yes, if they are paying fees of £9,250 and meet the other eligibility criteria, you can apply.

What evidence do I need to supply?

Please refer to the criteria and evidence requirements table in the guidance document, this can be found on the Student Success Scholarship page.

I do not have the evidence I need
If you are unable to supply evidence for a category you have said ‘yes’ to, we’ll not take that category into account when working out your award. We will, however, still consider all the other categories that you have supplied evidence for.

I am still waiting for evidence and I may not have it in time before the closing date
Outstanding evidence can be uploaded to your application at any point before the closing date. Return to your application, upload your evidence, save and re-submit your application.

Evidence cannot be uploaded to your application after the closing date. We will contact all students who have outstanding evidence just before and after the closing date with instructions on what to do.

I am having issues uploading files to my application
There are various things to try if you are having issues uploading files to your application.

1. Do not use your phone, try using a laptop/PC to complete your application

2. Try using a different web browser

3. Most file types are accepted but some are not, if you get an error message it will say what the acceptable file types are

My disability status is wrong, and I cannot change it
This question is completed automatically and cannot be changed. If you have a disability but this question says ‘no’, it means that you have not successfully registered with the Disabled Student Support Team. Please contact the Disabled Student Support Team to discuss the status of your registration.

If your registration is completed before the closing date, your application will update automatically, and this will be considered when working out your award.

How do I know if my evidence has been accepted?
We will contact you directly, using your Hallam email address, if there is any evidence missing or if the evidence submitted is not acceptable. If you do not hear from us, your evidence will have been accepted.

I have not heard anything about my application
After submitting your application, you will only hear from us if there is evidence missing or if the evidence you have submitted is not acceptable.

We will inform all students of the outcome of their application by email about a month after the closing date, for more information visit what happens after the closing date?

Why have I received a different amount this year compared to last year?
Each year the different award amounts are decided based on the funds available and the number of applications we receive. The amount you receive may also be different if your circumstances or household income change.

Can I appeal the outcome of my application?
In certain circumstances there are valid reasons to appeal the outcome of your application. Information about this process will be included in your application outcome email.

My question hasn't been answered here

If you have any other questions or your issue is not resolved, please contact Hallam Help.

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