The University recognises that there may be occasions when any student will need to record a lecture, seminar or other teaching session.  There are Guidelines for Students on Recording Teaching

If you need to record a teaching session for a disability-related reason, where other students may not be permitted to do so, you should have this recommendation as a reasonable adjustment in your learning contract.  
When you make a recording of a lecture or seminar please remember:  

  • Recordings are for your sole use and must always be stored securely. 

  • Recordings may not be shared with any other person, other than with a support worker to transcribe the recording when necessary.  

  • Ownership of the intellectual property contained within the recording remains with the lecturer, the University and any others connected with the content. 

  • Recordings must be deleted once their purpose has been met. This will always be before you leave your course and normally by the end of the module for which the recording is made.  

  • Recording a lecture or seminar is not a substitute for attendance. You must be present to record the event unless the lecturer responsible has given permission for a recording to be made in your absence.  

Teaching staff will make all students attending the session aware if it is being recorded.   Potential concerns arising from students not wishing to be recorded will be handled as sensitively as possible, bearing in mind that allowing you to record a lecture or seminar may be a legal requirement. There are some sessions in which recording may be inappropriate e.g. where sensitive personal information is shared or discussed. If this is the case, and there are learning outcomes from that session, relevant material should be provided in an appropriate alternative format. This may include a one to one meeting or suitable written notes.