Currently you can book only telephone or video appointments with Student Support Services. You can choose which option you prefer when making your booking.

Phone appointments

We will use the contact numbers in your Student Record for phone appointments, so please log in My Student Record to check we have your correct contacts, before booking one. Please include country and city codes in any international phone numbers.

Video appointments

Online video appointments are currently conducted via WebEx or Zoom. These are encrypted conferencing platforms which work via live streaming. Online conversations are not stored or recorded on any server. This is both for security and confidentiality purposes and to ensure parity with our face-to-face service.

When you book your video appointment you will receive a confirmation email containing further information about the video platform used by the service and instructions how to prepare for the video meeting:


You are not required to set up an account. At the time of the appointment, you should go to and enter the meeting number and password you will be sent at the time of your booked appointment. You do not need to download the WebEx app.

Zoom appointments

You must set up your Zoom profile on the SHU Zoom platform. Please do this even if you have an existing Zoom profile. This is because your adviser will use your student log in name (e.g. b1234567) to send you the link at the time of the appointment. If you are using a downloaded Zoom app, please update it regularly to ensure you have Version 5 or above. If you have issues accessing the platform used for the video appointment, you must inform your adviser immediately.

Video appointments require a broadband Internet connection of sufficient speed and bandwidth.  If you experience poor connectivity during the appointment, you can switch off the video stream, if this is appropriate. If there is no improvement, and a voice call is not suitable for the type of service you require, you can terminate the video appointment, and continue the conversation over the phone. If this is not an option, you will be invited to rebook.

Booking an appointment

You should use the standard process to book your appointment.

Please note that by booking an appointment, you consent that the data and information you provide in the appointment may be shared with other internal services and departments in accordance to the University’s privacy statement in order to provide the required support.  In addition, the Student Wellbeing Service also require that you provide consent to share with relevant external agencies and emergency contact before you can book an appointment with the service.

Preparing for the appointment
  • You must be available at the booked time to engage with the adviser appropriately. If your availability changes and you are no longer able to give this appointment adequate attention, please follow the standard cancellation process.
  • Choose a quiet place or try to minimise background noise by using headphones.
  • You should not show anything which is too personal or informal on camera. Please do not use a virtual background.
  • If you think you may be interrupted during the appointment, please discuss this with the adviser at the start and decide how to proceed if this happens.
During the appointment
  • At the appointment time, the adviser will email you the link to the virtual meeting to your SHU email address. Please follow the instructions in the email to join the meeting.
  • If you fail to join the meeting in the first 10 minutes, the meeting room will be closed, and you will be recorded as ‘Did not attend’. You will receive an email inviting you to rebook if you still need the appointment.
  • All appointments are confidential. Therefore, you must ensure there are no other people present in the room with you during the appointment, unless you have requested to be accompanied.
  • Appointments must not be recorded unless prior permission has been obtained. Any attempts to record sessions without permission will be reported as a student conduct matter and an appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.
  • You must behave professionally throughout the appointment. This includes being dressed appropriately and being in an appropriate location for the appointment. The adviser can terminate the appointment if they feel it is inappropriate to continue it. The University Student Code of Conduct still applies, and students and staff are expected to remain courteous at all times.

After the appointment

Written notes of the topics discussed in the appointment will be recorded in our system. The adviser may also follow up the appointment with an email

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