My BRP is lost/stolen/damaged outside the UK:
1. You must report this online to the Home Office:
2.You must obtain evidence e.g. a police crime report or the loss or theft. 
3. If you have lost your passport as well as your BRP, make an application for a replacement passport as soon as possible. You should contact your country's embassy, consulate, high commission or passport office in the country where the loss or theft occurred for information on how to obtain a replacement passport. It is possible that there may be a considerable wait to obtain a replacement passport or travel document. This is not something which the Home Office nor the University can influence.
You cannot apply for a replacement BRP outside the UK. Instead, you’ll need to apply for a ‘replacement BRP visa’, which lets you re-enter the UK once only. It costs £154.
You do not need to provide a CAS, but a student status letter from SHU would be helpful, so make sure you request this via Hallam Help.
5. Once you have used the single-entry visa to enter the UK, you will need to apply within 1 month of your return to the UK for a replacement BRP.
If you are not not planning to return to the UK during the period of permission evidenced by the lost BRP, or you plan to return to the UK in a different category of immigration permission, you must still report the lost/theft. Seek advice from the International Experience Team for further advice.

My BRP is lost/stolen/damaged inside the UK:
Please read this information here:
Also read the Home Office rules here:


If your BRP is valid for 3 months or more:
You must report the loss/theft within/damage within 3 months of this occurring. You must apply for a replacement if you have more than 3 months permission on your BRP remaining. If you do not do this you may receive a fine, have your permission cancelled or have any future immigration applications to come to the UK affected.


How to apply for a replacement BRP:
1. Report the theft/loss to the Home Office here:
2. Report the loss/theft to the police and obtain evidence
3. Complete your BRP replacement application online at:
Biometric Residence Permit Replacement Service (

You will need:
- your passport
- evidence of loss/theft from a police report (crime reference number)
- a form of identity showing your name and address. This could be: a student status letter, bank statement, utility bill, tenancy agreement
- the application fee of £38.50 which includes the biometric fingerprint fee.

If your BRP is valid for less than 3 months:
If your BRP has less than 3 months validity left, you do not need to get a replacement but you should still report the loss to both the police and to the home office:
You will need to leave the UK or make another visa application, before your visa is expiring.


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