After a Student Success Scholarship application window has closed, we will inform all students of the outcome of their application by email about a month after the closing date. This email will also detail when the payment will be made (provided you have supplied valid bank details), students that have not provided bank details will receive their payment at a later date. We will contact students that have not supplied their bank details with instructions on what to do.


I have a question about my application

Please contact Hallam Help. If you have contacted us already with a question about your application, you do not need to contact us again. We receive very high volumes of enquiries just before and after closing dates, will respond to you as soon as we can.


I still need to submit evidence

If we have asked you to submit further evidence or you have not been able to get the evidence you need, you will not be able to access your application again after the closing date.

If you are unable to provide evidence before the closing date, we will assess your application and award it based on the information and evidence we do have. This means that if you have not provided evidence for a certain category before the closing date, we will not consider that category when assessing your application. We will, however, still consider all the other categories we do have evidence for.

If you are able to provide outstanding evidence after the closing date, you can submit this using the appeals progress. Information about the appeals process will be included in the email sent to you with the outcome of your application. If the evidence is acceptable, and if applicable, we may be able to adjust your award accordingly.


I have missed the deadline to submit

If you have not submitted your application by the closing date, there may be other opportunities to apply depending on the time of year. Information on application opening and closing dates can be found on the Student Success Scholarship page.

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