If you qualify for the High Achievement Scholarship it will be awarded to you automatically as we get the information we need from UCAS/Admissions and Student Finance England.

You will be contacted by email if you have been awarded this scholarship.

If you have not been contacted there are a number of reasons why this may be:

  • Your household income is above the threshold of £42,875. If you believe that your household income has not been assessed correctly by Student Finance England, there has been a change in your circumstances or change in your household income, please contact them on 0300 100 0607
  • You have not been means tested by Student Finance England; to determine if you are eligible the university looks at your household income as accessed by Student Finance England. If you have not been means tested we are unable to verify your household income and therefore unable to award this scholarship. If you would like to be means tested please contact Student Finance England. Please note that being means tested will not guarantee eligibility, your household income will still need to be below the maximum threshold of £42,875
  • Your qualifications do not meet the criteria for this scheme; you can check the full list of eligible qualifications here
  • You are not fully enrolled; this scholarship is only available to students that are fully enrolled on their course, if you have a query about your enrolment status please contact Hallam Help
  • You are not in your first year; this scholarship is only available to first year students
  • You are not domiciled in England; this scholarship is only available to students domiciled in England

We run reports to identify eligible students once a month throughout the year so if you become eligible at any point within your first year (up until June for September starters) we will contact you.

Please note that although you may think your situation is the same as someone else that has received the scholarship, this may not be the case as personal circumstances can be very different.

If you still believe that you meet all the criteria listed above and have not heard from us for at least one month please make an enquiry online here and we will check your eligibility.