It's important that you feel comfortable and happy where you're living. However, it can be difficult to leave your current accommodation once you have signed your tenancy agreement.

Urgent help

If you are at risk of becoming homeless and need urgent help, contact our support team at Hallam Help.

Residential Support team

If you are having problems but are not in crisis, the first step is to contact our Residential Support team. They will try to help you resolve your problems without the need to move. This includes help with:

  • health and wellbeing
  • engaging with your housemates and local community
  • safety concerns

Ending your contract

In exceptional circumstances, your landlord might let you end your contract if you can find a suitable student to replace you.

Contact the team for advice on how to discuss this with your landlord and how to find a suitable replacement.

It's important that you do not sign for another place to live until you do find a replacement. If you do, you might end up paying rent on both accommodations.

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