Under certain circumstances, you can ask to attempt or retake your assessment at a later date. This is known as a Request to Repeat an Assessment Attempt (RRAA).

A RRAA is different from an extension. Extensions allow you more time to complete your first assessment attempt.

When a RRAA is allowed

You can submit a RRAA if your personal circumstances are making it difficult for you to submit your assessment or for you to perform to the best of your ability.

Examples of situations that might qualify for an RRAA include:

  • bereavement,
  • accident or illness,
  • increase in work commitments for part-time students,
  • significant adverse personal or family circumstances.

We suggest contacting your Student Support Advisor to discuss whether a RRAA is right for you.

Please be aware you cannot submit a RRAA for sub-tasks. Contact your module leader for support.

What information we need

The RRAA form will ask you to write a detailed personal statement about your current situation.

It will then ask you to submit evidence to support your statement.

Evidence must:

  • be official documentation, such as a death certificate or a letter from your GP
  • include a date to show when you were affected by your situation. It is important that date of the evidence you provide corresponds with the timing of the assessment.

If you have been absent between 1 and 5 consecutive days, you can complete the self-certification form as evidence for your RRAA application. This form can only be used for exams or time bound assessments.

If you do not provide any evidence when submitting an RRAA, your request is likely to be declined.

How to submit a RRAA

You must submit your request within 5 working days of your assessment deadline or exam date. If you submit after this time you must give reason for submitting it late.

You cannot submit a RRAA after your results have been published on My Student Record.

To submit a RRAA log in to My Student Record, and select 'Extenuating circumstances' from the menu.

Follow the instructions on screen to submit your statement and evidence documents.

What happens next?

We will email you to tell you the outcome of your RRAA. We will also update your RRAA submission in My Student Record.

If your RRAA is accepted and if you have not passed the module, you will be given a date to repeat your assessment. For standard courses this will usually be in the summer reassessment period.

Learning contracts

If you have a learning contract it may not be necessary for you to submit a RRAA.

We suggest contacting your Student Support Adviser to discuss your support needs

Video guides

Completing the RRAA form

Further guidance

  • RRAA evidence guidance (PDF): This gives a detailed list of circumstances that might qualify for an RRAA. It also outlines what kind of evidence to provide in each situation.
  • Extenuating circumstances policy (PDF): This explains in detail how RRAAs and extensions work. It also explains the appeal process for late or rejected RRAA submissions.


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