Students: please copy and paste the sentence below onto a blank document and make this the front page of your assignment. Don't include this in your word count.

Marker: Please mark this work for content and ideas and not for accurate spelling and punctuation unless this is a requirement of assessment. 

For information:

Using a marking cover sheet or blue sticker

Marking cover sheets and blue stickers may be used by disabled students whose disability or long-term condition has an adverse effect on their ability to express themselves accurately and clearly in written form. This usually applies to deaf students and students with specific learning difficulties.

The University recognises that despite proofreading and spellchecking your work, you may make errors. Using the stickers or the cover sheets means that when your work is marked, any 'surface errors' that you have made should not be penalised unless correct Standard Written English is a competence standard of the assignment.

What is a surface error?

Examples of surface errors include where students might:

  1. select an incorrect alternative word when spellchecking, such as ‘defiantly’ for ‘definitely’
  2. use inconsistent or inaccurate punctuation
  3. use faulty sentence level word order

To use the stickers or the cover sheet, you must have this recommendation written into your learning contract

  • You should use the stickers for exam scripts or for work that is physically handed in
  • Use a marking cover sheet for work that is electronically submitted
  • Please be aware that all students are expected to learn written conventions of their subject during their courses, and to proof read their work for spelling, grammar and structure errors; this is the same for students with specific learning difficulties and for deaf students
  • Students with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) are also advised to take up their Specialist 1:1 Study Skills sessions which enable the development of effective skills for written work
  • Deaf students whose natural language acquisition has been affected are also advised to take up their 1:1 Language Support Sessions (if appropriate) in which taught material and course jargon is clarified, and in which written work can be reviewed and amended
  • Please note that marks for accurate referencing are not covered by the wording of the stickers

Stickers can be collected from any Hallam Help point.

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