An example of adjustments to presentations in your Learning Contract may include:

  • using audio recording rather than face to face
  • delivering presentations via PowerPoint
  • reading from a script you have written, or someone reading it on your behalf.

This recommendation has been based on your disability and not your course. It's important to talk to staff on your course to agree to group work adjustments.

You can do this in person, by phone, or by email.

You can use this email template:

Dear academic staff member,

My learning contract states 'adjustment to presentations required'. I would like to discuss suitable adjustments

Please can we meet to discuss this / discuss this over the phone / discuss this by email (delete or add as necessary).



Student Number:

If presentation changes cannot be mutually agreed between you and your teaching staff, book an appointment with a disability adviser. They will advise about next steps.

Learning Contract review

During your time at university your learning needs may change. This could be because you have a new condition or your current condition may have changed.

Contact the Disabled Student Support team if you think your learning contract needs to be reviewed

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