To park on campus you must be a blue badge holder and have a disabled parking permit issued by Sheffield Hallam.

To apply for a disabled parking permit for blue badge holders, you will need to contact the Disabled Student Support team. They will discuss your needs and whether you are eligible for a parking permit.

Using your permit

A disabled parking permit allows you to park your vehicle in any accessible parking bay, including those specifically marked for disabled persons. 
Having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space but provides you with the right to hunt for and use an available space at the campus your permit is issued for. 

Keep your permit displayed

Once you have your permit, it is your responsibility to make sure it is clearly displayed on your windscreen along with your blue badge.

If you don't clearly display your permit, Sheffield City Council may issue you with a parking ticket.

Renewing your permit

You will need to renew your University Parking Permit each academic year. You will be contacted ahead of a new academic year to check you still require a permit. If you do not respond your permit will expire and you will not be able to park on campus. 


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