If you are finding things difficult, please remember you are not alone and there is help available.

The wellbeing team can help with a range of mental health experiences and symptoms. They can also support complex mental health needs and provide case management support where needed.

Urgent help

If you are in a crisis and need urgent help, please visit our Urgent Help webpage.

This webpage provides a list of crisis services that offer urgent 24/7 support, such as Samaritans and Rethink NHS Helpline.

Types of support available

There is a range of support available to help you with your mental health. Different conditions may need different types of support, it may be that you access resources independently or through a wellbeing practitioner.

Self help

You can find resources for a range of mental health conditions on our a-z wellbeing topics page. Frequently searched topics include:

Each page provides a range of self-help resources, including podcasts, online courses, apps and articles.

Community support

Hallam students have access to Togetherall, an online community with 24–hour support from mental health professionals. Register using your university email address for access to courses, articles and support forums.

1-1 appointments

You can request 1-1 support by registering with the wellbeing team.

The registration form will ask you about your welfare and the type of support you want.

After registering, you will be able to book a 50-minute session with a wellbeing practitioner. They will work with you to understand the support available and help you create an action plan.


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