The Skills Centre can’t proof-read or look through your whole assignment. However, you can access our Editing and Proofreading Guide to learn about these skills for yourself. For example, it can help to read your work aloud or print it out to read when you are trying to spot errors.

You can also get feedback from the Studiosity online feedback service to identify areas you may need to develop, or view the University’s guidance about external proofreaders.

You can then come along to Skills Centre sessions to develop your academic skills. We find students get the best results by coming along early in the process of writing an assignment to have time to use the new skills learned and to access additional sessions and resources.

We can:

  • Provide advice & guidance on academic skills and strategies for you to use in your work.
  • Help you understand the expectations of academic assignments throughout your study from Foundation to Doctoral Level, for example, how to write critically rather than descriptively.
  • Help you understand increased expectations at different levels of study.

To find out more, go to Essential Skills for Academic Success