Google Drive iconThere are a number of ways you could share files with your course-mates, including via email, physical media (such as CDs and USB drives), social media or cloud storage systems such as Dropbox. At Sheffield Hallam we currently support the use of two convenient ways to share files with course-mates; these are through the Groups File Exchange tool in Blackboard, and by using Google Drive.

Groups File Exchange

If you are a member of a Group in a Blackboard site, either having been enrolled by your tutor, or by self-enrolling on a student-created group, you may have access to the File Exchange tool. By selecting this option from the Group Menu in the Blackboard site, you can use it as a depository for files you wish to share with the rest of the group. This is an ideal tool to use when the group is collaborating on a piece of work, allowing everyone to access the same resources or provide individual contributions to a project. However, in cases where you want to be more precise about who can view the files, or in cases of ad-hoc file sharing, you may prefer to use Google Drive.

Google Drive

Alongside your SHU email account, a number of other Google tools are also available. Google Drive is one of them. It is your personal space to store, create and share files of all types. You can either upload existing files to your Google Drive or create new files using in-drive apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Using Google Drive can be an ideal way to remotely store files which you want to access across multiple locations. As a student at SHU you have automatic access to this tool and it is linked to your individual student email account. 

How to share files

To share a file using Google Drive, you first need to create it or upload it to the drive. When it appears within the list of files, you can share it by right-clicking on the file and selecting the 'Share' icon. You can search by name for individuals within SHU, or insert email addresses of those outside the organisation. Files can be shared with individuals, multiple people or groups set up in your Google account.

When sharing a file you can decide on the level of access provided to those you are sharing it with; for example, they could view, comment on, or edit the file. You can also edit the sharing Privacy Settings, ranging from Public (visibility to anyone who has the share link) to Private (only those who have been specifically granted permission and have logged into Google can access the file).