Feedback and provisional marks on all coursework tasks will be made available online via the My Grades area of your Blackboard sites. On each site, you will see feedback and provisional marks provided for assessment tasks completed in that module.

My Grades

In My Grades, you will see a different row for each assessment in that module. Each column will contain the assessment title and the provisional mark you have been awarded. Feedback can be accessed by clicking the assessment title (normally the link back to the submission point) to read any comments and annotations placed directly on your work and/or by clicking the 'speech bubble' next to your mark to view additional feedback comments or download any attached feedback files. The row may also contain a Feedback Rubric which will show the marking criteria for the work, and may also have been annotated with feedback.

Check 'My Grades' frequently to view updated grades and feedback, in order to continually monitor and review your progress.

For further information about receiving, accessing and getting the most out of feedback, refer to the Accessing marks and feedback section of Assessment4Students.

What if I can't see My Grades?

If you can access My Grades but cannot see or access grades and feedback within it, but expect to, you should ask the module leader when and how you will receive this information. If you cannot see My Grades in your Blackboard site menu you need to contact the module leader who can make it visible.

Note for Mac/Safari users

Some combinations of Mac OS and Safari may not initially load your paper in New Box View and display a grey box instead. Please deselect 'Prevent cross-site tracking' via Safari > Preferences > Privacy, or use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox.