You are advised to inform your Course Leader / Student Support Adviser immediately of any medical conditions or changes in your health which could affect your ability to attend University or your placement.

Certain medical conditions entitle you to Disabled Student Support.

If you have been off ill for between one and five days you should complete an illness self-certification form, available from a Hallam Help Point. Self-certification does not normally cover failure to submit coursework.

If you are ill for more than five days, you are advised to seek medical attention. You will require a sick note from Student Health at SHU if you're unable to come to University.

Nursing and midwifery students should use the following to report sickness and absence:

Coursework and exams

If you have a coursework deadline coming up and you think that you may require an extension, contact a Hallam Help Point at least 24 hours before the deadline date for advice.

If you have a temporary disability (e.g. broken arm) it may be possible for the University to provide additional support for your examinations. You must contact the University Examination Service as soon as possible. Additional support will not be provided without written medical evidence from a Doctor, Hospital or SHU Medical centre, and must include: The nature of the disability, the effect on examinations and the dates of the examination(s) to be taken. Evidence must be received by the University Examination Service at least 5 working days before the examination. 

Please note that submission of evidence is not a guarantee of additional support. The University Examination Service will discuss appropriate additional support with you on an individual basis, and reserves the right to refuse support.

Students who are unable to provide evidence within the agreed timescales should submit Extenuating Circumstances.

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