In certain situations, you may need to take a break from your studies. This could be because of health problems, personal issues or unexpected caring responsibilities.

Before making any decision that could affect your studies, it's important to get advice as early as possible. Contact Hallam Help who will refer you to a Student Support Adviser to discuss whether a study break is right for you.

Things to consider

If you are thinking about taking a break in study, you need to be aware of the potential impact and outcomes. You will need to consider:

  • funding for tuition fees and your maintenance loan

  • accommodation, including any rental agreements you’ve signed

  • changes made to your course and modules

  • changing your student groups, as you will re-join a different cohort when you commence your studies

  • visas and immigration (if you are an international student)

  • access to university facilities

Our Break in Study policy document (PDF) provides more information about these outcomes.

Request a break in study

We need to agree with your request before taking a break in study. To request a break in study you will need to make an appointment with your Student Support Adviser. During this appointment, you will complete a Take a break form which will be provided by your Student Support Adviser.  You are still a student attending your course and will still be charged fees until you and your Student Support Adviser have completed and signed this form.

International students

If you are an international student, you must not submit a break in study request without first getting advice from the International Experience Team. You can book an appointment through Hallam Help. Before requesting your appointment, we recommend that you read our absence requests guidance doc (PDF).


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