If you are thinking about changing course it is important that you contact your Student Support Adviser or Course Leaders to discuss this further. Changing courses can be difficult and is sometimes not possible, particularly if you want to transfer in the same academic year.

If you decide that your current course isn't the course you wish to continue studying you may decide to request to:

  • Transfer to a different course within the same programme area

  • Transfer to a totally different course within the College or University

  • Transfer to a course at another institution

The transfer may take place immediately or at the end of the current academic year. You may be required to take a Break in Study during the period between ceasing to study your original course and transferring to a new course depending on the time period involved.

Entry requirements

If you wish to change course you will still need to meet the entry requirements for any new course and, where relevant, be successful at interview. If you are wanting to change course within Sheffield Hallam, check the online prospectus, or complete an enquiry form if you have any questions about entry requirements.

Changing to a course within Sheffield Hallam

If you want to transfer to a different course at Sheffield Hallam, you should speak to your Course/Programme Leader or your Student Support Adviser. If you're not sure how to contact your Course/Programme Leader or Student Support Adviser you can contact Hallam Help for support. 

Any transfer must be approved by your current course leader and the leader of the course which you wish to join. Please note, however, if you are wishing to transfer onto a Health related course this does not operate via the standard Course Transfer Form route but follows the UCAS process. Please contact Hallam Help for further information. 

International students: find out how this will affect your visa

Course transfers for Student Visa holders from the full time version of the course on to the sandwich or work experience routes is not permitted, if there is not adequate time on the Student Visa to do so.

If you are transferring to a course that is shorter than your original course, please seek advice regarding your visa from the International Experience Team.

Changing to a course at a different institution

If you want to transfer to another institution, you can look for courses at other universities but the same issues apply. Contact their admissions office and ask about the subject you want to study. Check how it matches your current course. You might be able to use any credits you have gained at Sheffield Hallam to boost your points or gain advanced standing, perhaps entering a course at the next level rather than starting again from year one.

If you speak to the new university or college and they agree to consider a transfer into the second or third year of a course you will need to complete a new UCAS application. When completing the application, you will be asked which year of the course you are applying for - make sure you state the correct year in this section. If you decide to start afresh at a new university or college in the first year, you will again need to complete a new UCAS application and you will then go through the same application process that you went through the first time you applied. You may wish to explain your reasons for reapplying in your personal statement.

International students: please contact the immigration team at the university you are transferring to so that you can receive a CAS and advice about how to apply for your visa.

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