On campus parking is for disabled students and staff only.

You will only be able to park on campus if you have been recommended a parking space in your Needs Assessment or at an appointment with a Disability Adviser. You must have a University Parking Permit to park in Sheffield Hallam University disabled parking spaces.

To apply, please contact Disabled Student Support

Security Services will process your application and issue you with a University Parking Permit. The permit will allow you to park a vehicle on your Campus in any car parking space.

Please note that being issued with a permit does not guarantee a space.

If you're allocated a University Car Parking Permit, please display the permit clearly in your windscreen. If you don't do this, Sheffield City Council may issue you with a parking ticket. If this happens, it is your responsibility to discuss this with Sheffield City Council.


You need to renew your University Parking Permit each academic year. You will need to contact the Disabled Student Support team each year to receive a new application form.