Tuition fees - you do not pay any tuition fees to the university you are visiting. If you spend a full academic year on an Erasmus placement, students from England and Northern Ireland are currently entitled to pay a reduced UK tuition fee for that year. If you study abroad for less than a year, you pay your usual UK tuition fees.

Living costs - These vary considerably across the world. During your study abroad you will need to pay for accommodation and living costs. In many countries, living costs are lower than in the UK, while in some countries this may be more expensive than at home. During your study period you will be eligible to continue to receive any student grant or loan to which you are normally entitled, from national or other sources.

Use websites such as Expatistan and Numbeo to compare and calculate the cost of living. Don't forget you can receive an Erasmus grant while studying in the EU, or apply to the GoGlobal Fund.

Things to consider when creating a budget:

· Travel

· Accommodation

· Food

· Social activities

· Emergency funds

· Insurance

· Bills / Wi-Fi

· Visa (if applicable)

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