You can make a booking in two ways:

  • Advance booking - The libraries are not currently open for PC use
  • Walk up booking The libraries are not currently open for PC use 

Booking a PC

  • You can book a PC up to 10 days in advance, for a maximum of 5 hours per person per day, in 2 hour blocks. There is a limit of 10 advance bookings at any time
  • If you have used up your daily allowance you will be unable to make any more advance bookings that day, but you can use a walk up PC or wait until relaxed time (see below)
  • Walk-up only PCs have no usage restrictions. As with bookable PCs they are subject to the 30 minute inactivity policy.
  • If you book a group resource such as a meeting room or group booth, you must be the person to login to the PC, and you must stay logged in for the duration of the session or you will lose the booking. It is important to make sure the PC does not timeout as this will cancel your booking

Logging in and out

  • You must log in to a PC you have booked within 15 minutes of the start time or your booking will be cancelled
  • Only the person who has made the booking can login to it
  • You will be logged out automatically at the end of your booking or after 30 minutes of no activity, or when 'relaxed time' finishes. You will receive three warning reminders towards the end of your session. If you are automatically logged out your work will not be saved, so be sure to save regularly.
  • Logging out of a PC ends your booking. Logging back in immediately will recreate the booking as long as the PC has not been booked by anyone else.
  • MyPC limits users to one consecutive login - logging into multiple PCs is not permitted.
  • If a PC was not shut down correctly MyPC may not register that you have been logged out; if this happens please visit a Hallam Help Point or telephone (0114) 225 2222 

Extending bookings

  • If a session is coming to an end and nobody has booked the PC after you, you can extend your booking at no cost to your allowance
  • Each extension is for a maximum of one hour, but there are no limits on the number of extensions you can have
  • You may also use a non-bookable PC for the remainder of the Peak Time period for that day. Find a Free Computer..

Relaxed times

  • 'Relaxed times' are between 5pm and before 7am Monday to Friday, and after 4pm and before 7am on Saturdays and Sundays
  • During relaxed times there are no restrictions on PC Usage.
  • The 15 minute time out on bookings does not apply during relaxed times.
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