Please note this article covers booking spaces in libraries, a separate article details alternative spaces on campus.

From Wednesday 17th March 2021, a 30 minute auto-cancellation for non-attend bookings on PC/Apple Mac spaces will be reinstated. You must log into the PC/Apple you have booked within 30 minutes of the start of your booking or it will be automatically cancelled. 

In order to offer a safe working environment, all your PC’s or study spaces now require a booking to be made in advance, you won’t be able to come to the Library and log in or access to our spaces without a booking.

Our PCs and learning spaces availability has been arranged in line with social distancing guidance to keep you safe and your library is open 24/7.

To help you find your learning spaces created zones on each of the floors at both Libraries, and installed signage to help you find the PC or study space you have booked. This includes directional signage to help you find the correct floor and zone, and a large green label on each bookable space which states the PC or desk number.

We ask you to:

  • Please wear a face covering when moving around the Library buildings
  • Please Keep 2 meter Social distancing
  • Please clean your study space before and after use, cleaning stations are available on all floors of both libraries

Please do not travel if you feel unwell on the day of your booking or have symptoms

How to book

You can make an advanced booking here or via SHUgo

The following types of study spaces are available to book:
  • Standard PC
  • Specialist Software PC
  • Apple Mac
  • Assistive Technology Resource PC
  • Light Box
  • Desk space (without a PC but with power for your own device)

What is closed

Unfortunately, as the Libraries are only open for individual study we have had to make the following resources unavailable for Health and safety reasons.
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Bloomberg Room
  • The Stack
  • Games Room at Adsetts Library
  • Practice Learning Suite at Collegiate library

Note - All areas will be closed for cleaning each day, some areas between 6am-7am and some areas between 7am-8am. This is indicated in the MyPC booking system.

Some PCs will be labelled with a Red sign to make it clear that these should not be used. Please do not attempt to use these PCs or move any chairs or furniture as the space is specifically designed to support social distancing and provide a safe environment.  


Booking a PC

  • You can book a PC up to 10 days in advance, in 2 hour blocks.
  • There is a limit of 10 advance bookings at any time
  • You must be the person to login to the PC, and you must stay logged in for the duration of the session or you will lose the booking. It is important to make sure the PC does not timeout as this will cancel your booking

Logging in and out

  • You must log in to a PC you have booked
  • Only the person who has made the booking can login to it
  • You will be logged out automatically at the end of your booking or after 30 minutes of no activity,
  • If you are automatically logged out your work will not be saved, so be sure to save regularly.
  • Logging out of a PC will end your booking.
  • MyPC limits users to one consecutive login - logging into multiple PCs is not permitted.
  • If a PC was not shut down correctly MyPC may not register that you have been logged out; if this happens please visit a Hallam Help Point or telephone (0114) 225 2222 

Extending bookings

  • If a session is coming to an end and nobody has booked the PC after you, you can extend your booking at no cost to your allowance
  • Each extension is for a maximum of one hour, but there are no limits on the number of extensions you can have
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