Your website was created for you automatically when you were given a code to use the network at SHU. Initially this is a single homepage - you may alter it and add other pages. The homepage you have been given is to a standard design and you may use it as a starting point for information you want to publish.

To edit your website's homepage:

  • Read the Rules for the use of students' websites.
  • Use a web browser to confirm that your homepage exists
  • Use an HTML or text editor to update the file. Dreamweaver, which is the industry standard website editing software package, is available to all students via Start | Programs | Tools and Accessories | Internet Tools.
  • If you already have an understanding of HTML, which is the file format used for most web pages, or if you are outside SHU and don't have access to Dreamweaver, you can edit your web pages with any text editor, for example MS Windows Notepad.
  • When you have edited a page you will need to save it in the 'public_html' folder of your homespace (Drive F:). You should save your homepage with the filename index.html. All the html and graphics files that are included in your site need to be stored in the 'public_html' directory.

Do not delete the .htaccess file in your public_html directory. There is an important reason for this - explained in registering your website for external access.

Editing within SHU

If you are editing your homepage from within the SHU campus, you will be able to see the folder 'public_html' in your homespace (Drive F:) and save your index.html and any other website files there.

Editing from outside SHU

Should you wish to edit your homepage from outside SHU, you can access your SHU Homedrive off campus.

Remember to save any pages you would like to view on your homepages in the 'public_html' folder of your homespace (Drive F:).