Your incoming email goes through two spam filters. If spam gets past the Gmail spam filters, Ironport is the University's second line of defence. IronPort ensures that less spam gets through to your mailbox, and also makes it less likely that genuine email is classed as spam.

Mail which we think is spam is quarantined for 30 days. You will receive regular notifications letting you know that mail is available for you to review.

You can report incorrectly classified email by contacting the IT Service Desk.

If you want an item of mail that is in quarantine, click Not Spam to have it sent to your Inbox. To see all quarantined messages click View All Quarantined Messages.

  • Your quarantine shows you all the mail that is held, for you
  • Select messages by clicking on the tick boxes to the left
  • Perform multiple actions on the selected messages
  • Release will move them to your mail box
  • Whitelist means that mail from the sender won't be flagged as spam again

Select Options to modify this whitelist and also to blacklist a persistent spammer so that future mail from them will be blocked.