Your IT account is set up so that you pay for printing and photocopying via a system called Papercut. You can credit your account in several ways:

Transfer from your SHUcard funds via SHUgo

  • Tap the card top-up icon in SHUgo and log-in to your account
  • Tap Secure Top Up
  • Select Transfer to Papercut from the drop down at the top of the page. This will change the page and grey out the CVV field.
  • Choose the amount or click Other and enter an amount (£1 minimum) then press Transfer Now
  • Click OK in the confirmation box then click Home
  • Click the amount box in the top right of the screen to view a summary of the balances in your different purses - Cash, Club card, or Papercut

Using a Print top-up kiosk

This can be done by logging in to one of the print top-up machines. If you are a visitor to the University you will need to request a code from a Library Hallam Help point and can only use the cash Print top-up kiosks to credit the print account.


  • Adsetts Library, level 4


  • Library C001 and Mezzanine
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