Electronic submission

You will almost always be asked to submit your work via Blackboard rather than as a physical copy at a Hallam Help Point. Your tutor should tell you where and when to find the assignment in the module site. If you cannot submit your assignment on the Blackboard site, please contact your tutor. When you find the link for the assignment you are submitting, you will be guided through the process in Blackboard.

  • You can drag and drop or attach files unless instructed to do otherwise by your tutor.
  • It is not normally necessary to write anything in the Comments box unless your tutor asks you to do so.
  • If you have a learning contract and a blue sticker is recommended, you must type the contents of the sticker at the top of your assignment BEFORE you submit.
  • You can select Save as Draft if you wish to review what you are submitting, or are not yet ready to submit.
  • Remember to submit in advance of the deadline! Once you have selected Submit you will NOT be able to retract your submission.
  • After submitting you will receive an on-screen and email confirmation. The email confirmation will be sent to your university email address and you should retain this for your records.

It is your responsibility to check the details of your submission both on the receipt and the submission (see known browser issues, right). If you have any problems contact your module leader immediately, or alternatively your faculty helpdesk. Do not reply to the assignment submission receipt email as this is automatically generated from an email address that is not monitored.

See our video about how to submit work in Blackboard below

Panopto submission video


Known browser issues


If you submit work using Edge with a copy of the work open whilst the submission is in progress, the content of the file that is submitted may disappear (i.e. any text, images etc. are removed and a single blank page is submitted).

If you have recently submitted an assignment to Blackboard using Edge please check your email receipt for the submission and review your assignment via the submission point. If you have '0 bytes' file size showing on your email receipt and/or a blank page in the assignment preview window, you will need to submit your work again via the Start New Submission button.

If you are an Edge user who is yet to submit, or you need to resubmit because of a problem, ensure you do not have a copy of your work open whilst submitting your assignment to Blackboard, or better still, use an alternative browser.


There is a known issue with Safari 11.1 which results in the message "Failed to submit Assignment. Please try again".

The only available workaround to this is to use an alternative browser such as Chrome or IE.

Submission in person

Submit your work with a completed assignment cover sheet and hand in at a Hallam Help Point, where a member of staff will provide you with a receipt. Check your Faculty channel for location details.

Postal submission

You can post your work in to a Hallam Help Point. Contact a Hallam Help Point for further details. Check your Faculty channel for location details.