You can submit assignments either:

  • online
  • or in person

Online submissions

Your tutor will let you know how they want you to submit your assignment.

Most tutors will request that you upload your assignment to Blackboard.

Submitting on Blackboard

Log into Blackboard using your Hallam email address. Select the module you want to upload your file to and go to the assessment area

  1. Choose your submission point
  2. Select 'attach files'
  3. Upload your attachment and submit

You will receive an email confirmation to confirm has been uploaded successfully.

Check your work has been added successfully via the 'My grades' tab

Can't find a submission point

Contact your module leader if your submission point is not visible in Blackboard.

They will be able to make changes to the system to allow you to submit your work.

Submitting in person

If your module leader has requested you submit your assignment in person, you can drop it off at a Hallam Help point.

These can be found at both city and collegiate campuses.

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