You must do your best to ensure that you are available for your examinations. If you arrive late, you may enter an examination during the first 30 minutes, including any reading time. If you miss an exam, contact your Student Support Adviser as soon as possible.


If you cannot attend your examination due to illness contact a Hallam Help Point as soon as possible. If appropriate, they will help you to submit a Request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA) form.

Representing the University / University Exchange

If you are representing the University in an event or on a University exchange and are unable to sit your examinations at Sheffield Hallam University, you should discuss this with your course leader in order to defer your exam. Deferring may not always be permitted and you should be aware of the risks in deferring your assessment. If you do not pass your deferred assessment this may affect your progression to the next level or risk you achieving your award.

Therefore, although the University may support students attending such events, it is recommended that where possible, you attend your exam at Sheffield Hallam University at the designated time.

If agreed, the course leader will request permission from the Subject Assessment Board and your assessment will be marked as deferred.

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