We provide support to students with a wide range of conditions. Many students are put off by the term 'disability' or do not think that it applies to them. All of the following conditions are eligible for support:

  • Specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D)
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Long-term medical conditions
  • Autism spectrum conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Deaf
  • Visual impairment

All students need to provide suitable disability evidence of their condition to access support.

Suitable evidence is a GP/specialist letter including diagnosis and duration (the diagnosis should have lasted, or is likely to last 12 months +). The letter must be signed and stamped or on letter headed paper. If you have a specific learning difficulty we will need to see a diagnostic assessment report. 

We do not accept: 

  • prescriptions
  • photo of medication
  • scan/xrays
  • self-diagnosis
  • generic web information
  • fitness to work note
  • letter from supporting adult
  • exam access arrangments 

If you do not have disability evidence already, please contact Disabled Student Support to request a disability evidence form to take to your GP. If you believe you have a specific learning difficulty and do not have a diagnostic report please also contact us as we may be able to refer you for an assessment (eligibility criteria applies)

Please upload your disability evidence onto My Student Record