We are a specialist team supporting the international experience of all students in Sheffield Hallam University. We provide:

  • Specialist advice and support for international students pre-arrival, on-arrival and on-course, which includes welcoming services, social transition support and visa advice
  • Advice and guidance to all students planning to spend a period abroad for study, course related placement or work experience
  • Opportunities for all students to engage globally on campus through projects which develop their intercultural skills and global awareness
  • Support for internationalisation through curriculum-based initiatives and extra-curricular projects
In order to connect with an International Experience Team member, please go to our page on MyHallam where you will be able to book an adviser appointment as follows: 

International Experience appointments - Book here
Monday to Friday:
  • See an Adviser - 10.00am — 12.00 noon (online or on campus)
  • See an Adviser - 2pm — 4pm (online or on campus)

International Experience Advisers provide support with immigration queries, visa eligibility, hardship and emergency funding. 

We promote opportunities for students to internationalise their experience at Sheffield Hallam University by engaging with their culturally diverse peers, or by going on an exchange abroad. Please visit our GoGlobal pages for more information.

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