Students and staff

Students and staff using their own laptops or mobile devices should connect to SHU-USS or SHU-USSL. To find out which to use and how to connect please visit Connecting to the SHU Wireless Network


Wi-Fi Guest is a self-service general Wi-Fi network for ad-hoc use by visitors to the university. The administration and support of the service is provided by Sky Wi-Fi

SHU-GUEST is a Wi-Fi network provided by Hallam for guests whose work is of significant importance to the University. It requires a member of staff to request guest log in credentials from IT Help which should then be provided to the guest. Due to the wide range of mobile devices and operating systems in use it is not feasible for SHU to provide detailed instructions on how to access SHU-Guest for all users however this guide covers the broadest section of users.

Eduroam is a Wi-Fi network specifically for visitors from other institutions that also subscribe to the Eduroam service. For further information please visit the Eduroam page

For further assistance, please contact IT Help

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